Jason Pietroski

As a child I would spend hours pouring over the collection of National Geographic's in my grandparents living room dreaming of faraway places and exotic cultures. Throughout my life I have maintained a sense of wonder for the world around me. I believe photography is a canvas on which a story, a moment is frozen. Each photograph is a unique moment in time, a piece of a larger story.

As an experienced creative professional I focus on solving creative problems with superior customer service. In my photography whether it's the natural landscapes of New England to the urban environments of Boston I love capturing the human spirit in portraiture and in moments of duress & triumph. In my commercial work I love the harmony and intricacies of the products I shoot.

Photography tells a thousand stories, where will yours begin?

Email: jpietroski@gmail.com
Phone: 339.933.1697

My office manager Ryder

My office Manager Ryder

Can be bribed with peanut butter