As a Photographer I’m drawn to topics that spark my interest. The strides that the LGBTQ have made in the last decades are remarkable.

Being a resident of Providence, I attended the Night time Pride Parade last year and was overwhelmed with the love and positivity surrounding the event. One year later as the month of #Pride approached I asked myself the question “How can I use my photography to help”?

I have always been a huge fan of the NYC photographer Joey L. His project on Halloween in Brooklyn has constantly been a source of inspiration for me. I channeled that projects ideals in the following series and I set out to the streets of Providence. I wandered the streets during one of the events celebrating #RhodeIsland Pride. I tried to approach people that sparked what I felt the evening represented.

And this is important to say…Everyone I approached was interested and supported my project. This is unheard of in my past experience of approaching people on the street. I was overwhelmed by the sheer optimism of this amazing community. The following series is a small representation of the individuals I was lucky to have photographed. They all had one thing in common, PRIDE!

Cold shoot Day

So with the approach of the new year I purchased a new camera body to expand my capability for the new year. With the new camera in hand I reached out to one of my favorite models to work with here in Providence, Amy. Amy and I have worked together a number of times since I moved to Rhode Island. I like to try different shoots with someone that I've shot before. It puts the onerous on creating different and unique images from those captured previously. 


As a creative this challenge allows me to work within a box. Most times people say that you should think outside the box. As a creative this speaks to me however with one caveat. As a professional dealing with clients and their expectations there box is firm. If I were to create something totally different then the expectations I would fail my clients. The box is there for a reason and learning how to push at the edges of the box is where a creative professional needs to put their priority. This concept isn't new or even mine. One of the most influential teachers I had explained this concept to me and it's stuck with me ever since. 

So in the bitter cold Amy and I met up to shoot with the new camera body. Overall it was a success because I was able to push my boundaries and fail. Failing is the only way we learn and with this shoot I had some success along with some failure. Understanding the limitations of my gear allowed me to adapt my shooting to deal with the differences in gear. Overall I love these images and how I was able to challenge myself with two different boxes, one creative and the other technical. 

Thanks and let me know what you think of the images! Best! Jason 

Bladerunner 2018

Many years ago, right around the time I began to understand the power of movies I discovered Bladerunner. The visuals and mood of this incredible story blew my mind. In the age of practical effects this movie dazzled with its use of mood and lighting. Character is defined as 

char·ac·ter: noun

  1. 1.

    the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.

In Bladerunner the world of Phillip K. Dick is a character in the most subversive way. I devoured the works of Phillip K. Dick after viewing the visual depiction of Do Andrioid's dream of electric sheep. Over the years I would return to the world brought to life by Ridley Scott to imagine what the rainy streets and severe pyramids contained. With the arrival of BladeRunner 2049 I was again granted access to this dizzying cacophony of light and shadow, sand and rain. The cinematography of Roger Deakins was stunning and pieces of art graced the screen at every turn.

Only over the last few years have my creative vision and technical know how have given me the toolkit to bring my visions to life. With this movie I felt immediately inspired to create a tribute in my own humble way to a story and world that has been a major factor in inspiring my work and my method of thinking. I'm hoping to translate this self-portrait series into a more robust series in the coming year. I felt that my first session of 2018 would be the catalyst for a year of more conceptual projects. 

I thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings and I welcome you to comment below with a movie that has inspired you creatively or served as a motivation in your life. Best, Jason 


"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain."-Roy Batty

Fall Fitness

With a chill in the air in the begining of December I met with Chris to continue working on my fitness imagery. We found the perfect location here in Providence. During the summer months this area is home to area's local farmer's market. 

Over the course of the shoot Chris displayed his talent and stamina when I had him run laps multiple times in order to get the perfect shots. Please take a look at the images and let me know what you think. Best! 


Rhode Island State House Shoot

In the months leading up to the holiday season I got busier and busier. In my professional career thus far I've set a goal of doing one personal shoot a month. This adherence to a goal has helped me to push myself to try new things and keeps photography fresh and enjoyable for the days where the freelance lifestyle is a grind.

In my personal work I always try to shoot projects that mean something to me. A lot of times I also try new techniques that I see others using or try to do things I've done before in a different way. 

My shoot with Kristina another chance to work on my casual fashion work. With the approach of winter and cooling temperatures we took to the Rhode Island state house to use the beautiful interior and white walls of the exterior to create some fun imagery.

Please take a look and leave a comment below if you enjoyed the work! Best!



Steer Films Shark Week shoot

A couple months ago I had the pleasure of meeting the crew at Steer Digital Media. They are a full service Digital Agency based here in Providence, RI. They were looking to promote their upcoming feature for Shark Week on Discovery Channel. The film Shark Vortex aired on July 24th with the beginning of Shark Week.

So earlier this month I was able to create a number of portraits and a group shot to promote their projects. The theme of the shoot was to showcase the grittiness and attitude of the crew. I have to applaud the crew of Steer in their dedication to their projects as they want their work to stand on its own as a collaboration. The premise of the shoot was to show the gear and crew utilizing their special shark themed Buffwears. For the crew the anonymity by the Buffwear takes them out of the chemistry allowing the focus to be on the work. As a fellow creative I admire this outlook as it allows for the subjects to be the stars and not the crew. 

I shared these on social media to help with the promotion of the film and wanted to share the images in high resoultoion for your enjoyment. 

Steer Films Group shot

Looking back

It's been a crazy couple months here, between a ton of shooting for a special project to assisting with a number of talented photographers in the New England area. I love assisting with other photographers as I glean so much tips and tricks from watching others work. It's always great to take the lessons I learn on set and apply them to my business and my own work. 

I can't believe its been a year since I left my time at NESOP and I'm successfully fulfilling my dream of creating for a living. I'm able to make money and find fulfillment in a career that I'm truly passionate about. 

Please enjoy these images from a recent test shoot I had with a talented model. I promise to post more and more work in the coming weeks. So all I can say is I'm back from radio silence and can't wait to share more and more. 

Nysha_(WEB) (5 of 19).jpg

The Devil's Twins

I had the pleasure of working with the Devil's Twins before their show in Salem at Opus a few weeks back. I was able to make a few portraits of them and then proceeded to photograph the show. It was a good example of using the Photographer skill-set when working in a n location with a limited amount of time with your subjects. I'm very happy with the results and let me know what you think. Best!

Walls of Ice

A couple weeks back a friend and I were invited to the annual Rock Spot Ice Fest located in the Flume Gorge in New Hampshire. It was cold and a great chance to practice working in a less then favorable environment. With the challenge of working while on a sheet of snowpack inches above a river, we worked to capture the event. Here are some of the images I caputred. Enjoy!

Portrait of the Artist

I had the pleasure of working with a local artist here in Providence. Haley uses different mediums to create her works and is studying at Brown University in Rhode Island. Enjoy!



Don't Walk Run!

Good afternoon all its been too long,

Time has a way of getting away from you when you're busy. Over the last couple months I've been settling into my new life, career and location. As I try to catch up on the backlog I'll update on the journey over the last couple of months since my graduation. 


So I had the pleasure of working with the talented Cierstyn to create a new series of fitness inspired imagery which I hope to continue throughout the fall running season. Please take a look and enjoy! Thanks and have a great day!

Editorial project

Over the past couple of weeks and months I've had the pleasure of photographing passionate people participating in activities that drive them. I've been photographing tattoo artists, vintage muscle car restoration specialist, climbers, mountain bikers, kayaker, surfer, blacksmith, boxer, & Fire dancer. I've come into contact with so many stories and the people that tell them. It's been a. Ever evolving photographic journey and it gets better and better. Please enjoy these images from the final portfolio. Thanks and please like, comment & share if you have any requests for careers you want to see in the future. Thanks and have a great day! 

Fashion Final

Over the last couple of weeks I've been focusing on building my Fashion Portfolio to better reflect my creativity in shooting Stylized imagery. Overall I feel like my postproduction work on the images has really hit its stride and has a distinct style and feeling to it. Please check out my latest images below and let me know what you think. Thanks and please like, comment and share. Thanks and have a great day! 

Advertising images

Over the last couple of weeks I've been focusing on building my advertising Portfolio to better reflect my creativity in shooting outdoor products. Overall I feel like my postproduction work on the images has really hit its stride and has a distinct style and feeling to it. Please check out my latest images below and let me know what you think. Thanks and please like, comment and share. Thanks and have a great day! 

Sirens of vista shoot

In the odyssey Odysseus has his men strap him to the mast of his ship as they approach the deadly sirens. The sirens are creatures know for their songs tempting sailors to destroy their ships on the rocks surrounding their island. It was this theme of temptation to danger that I built my latest project for my fashion portfolio. The location was an amazing and vintage styled motel on the north shore. The location lent itself to the ambiguous time period setting leading to certain wardrobe and styling decisions. 


For this shoot I wanted to really challenge myself with both production and execution. Breaking into commercial photography requires an attention to detail and perpetration before the photographer even picks up the camera. From choosing the theme to picking models and getting wardrobe together it's a long process. The production of this shoot was done in partnership with another talented photographer Ashley hilgrath. I couldn't have done this shoot without her and her styling and wardrobe choices and styling eye. This process helped me to learn about all the moving pieces in such a complicated shoot.


Together we decided that we wanted to push the number of models in the shoot to four in order to replicate a level of complexity similar to images that make the cover of magizines like vogue and vanity fair.  Over the weeks of preparation we pulled wardrobe and styling ideas. Through the power of social media and networking we were able to acquire the use of designer shoes and the usage of a 65 Buick riviera. Over all the shoot was a huge success.


I learned a lot about lighting on location as well as overseeing multitude models hair, makeup, wardrobe & posing. The dynamic of building a complex story also required building a narrative though the usage of props. I spent a day gathering props to go with my theme and serve as set pieces of the action.  


From the starting point of the sirens of the odyssey I began to watch a large amount of Tarintino movies to give me the color and style of the photographic techqunies to use for the shoot.


The biggest problem of the shoot was the shear amount of images that I have to go through to pick out the best for the story. That process is ongoing and will continue for the next week. Please enjoy the following behind the scenes pictures from the shoot. 


Thanks and please like, share & comment below and let me know how I did! Thanks and have a great day! 

65 Buick riviera

65 Buick riviera

65 Buick riviera

65 Buick riviera

65 Buick riviera  

65 Buick riviera  

Siren showdown bts

Siren showdown bts

The tempting of the sirens

The tempting of the sirens

The discovery of treasure

The discovery of treasure

Temptation of the sirens  

Temptation of the sirens  

Siren showdown

Siren showdown

Kenmore fashion shoot

Do ever have a moment of clarity where everything comes into focus and all your hard work pays off? This past Saturday I had a moment of extreme pride and confidence in my work and experiences up to this point.


For the final shoot of our fashion class we were responsible for shooting to a client based concept through the lenses of our personal style. Through working with a partner we discussed a game plan for sercuring models and wardrobe. 


As a creative person I run through a number of concepts by reviewing previous work and other imagery which inspires me. With the help of my partner we were able to pull together a large body of images to draw from. From there it was about sercuring models that find the roles and getting wardrobe that would support the ideas.  


Over the course of the week we were able to successfully pull together all of the pieces. And then it happened... The dreaded last minute email from a model with a scheduling conflict. One thing that I've learned over my life is to roll with the punches. Stuff happens and getting bent out of shape or dwelling on it forces you into a cycle of what ifs. Now I'm too proud to admit that I fell into this cycle many times over the course of my life.  


With th the passing of my mother from cancer I determined never again to live in a manner of self doubt. Her influence above all drives me ever forward now. So I promptly freaked out and panicked for about 5 mintues and then got back to work.  


I was able to secure a plan B by reaching out to the talented Alexia who has proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt her reliability and passion for what she does. It's rare to connect with someone who loves the creative process and is as adaptable as she has been. She changed her plans around to help us out within an hour and we were back on track.


Fast forward to the day of the shoot and thanks to the equally talented Laura who provided our hair and makeup, we were almost ready to roll out into kenmore square to begin to shoot. And then it happened... Our male model got a nosebleed that wouldn't quit. Again I freaked out for 5 mins and then proceeded to express to him that his health was more important then a couple images. 


So the concept for our shoot changed without changing overly much. I'm glad that this happened to me and I'm glad it happened now. It taught me a valuable lesson about always having a plan B and also being able to adapt and overcome any challenges that I encounter. 



Overall I think this has been by far my favorite and best work to date due to the amount of conceptualizing and planning that I put into this shoot. Once I got into a rhythm I was seeing image after image that I would love to have in my portfolio. Again the work of Alexia and the talented Laura were such vital and cruicial parts of making hear images what they are. Please like, share and comment and let me know if I'm on the right track! Thanks! 


Outdoor athletes

Over the course of term 2 in my second year at Nesop I participated in one of the hardest classes that I've had to date, editorial. The framework of the class mimics the real world in terms of pitching an idea for a story or project and then revising/reviewing the work in class. 


The teacher acts as an editor of a magazine would and judges work based on the proposed story and the usage of narrative elements to build the dialogue between the reader and the photographs. 


I pitched my idea for a portrait project on outdoor recreation athletes to help flesh out my portfolio from where I end up last term. The focus of my project was still on the everyday people we encounter and perspection we have veaes their passions.


This time around I focused on regular people that participate and are passionate about extreme sports or work outs. I found that the only problem I had with the project was that due to their nature a number of these folks wanted me to include myself in their activities. Knowing this community as I do I should have expected this helpful inclusive nature. I struggled as a photographer to distant myself from the activities as these are my people. 










Overall I feel like this project enabled me to really hone my approach and my attitude to pushing past obstacles and transform them into opportunities. Without further ado here is the project in its entirety. Please like, share & comment. Thanks! 

Dreaming of snow on Mars.

Over the course of the last term I was able to work with the talented Alexia and over the course of three shoots together I was able to create four very different images. 


For the most recent shoot the theme was sunglasses and I decided to take it light years ahead of our Noir themed shoot. The theme of futuristic sunglass lead to visions of powder days on the ice caps if Mars. 

With that idea in mind I created the following images. Please let me know what you think by liking, sharing, or commenting.  Thanks!

Noir shoot in retrospect

One of my latest assignments was to faithfully recreate a Hollywood/Noir themed image in the studio. Below is the image from which I took my inspiration from. 


From the inspiration it would take a clear attention to the props and lighting in order to fully recreate the mood of the original. I took the idea of a femme fatale further in my final image. I loved the drama created by the use of the blinds to create the lovely depth across the model. Once everything came together in concept I was able to sercure the model and the necessary props to attempt a modern version. Below is my final images from the shoot processed in a variety of unigue ways.



Please let me know what you think by liking, sharing or commenting. Thanks!