Shoot with Mothergreen

Sometimes we as photographers need to take risks in order to push our art and talents forward. With the common perception of photography as easy we are continuity asked to provide our talents for free or exposure. Nowhere else is this as prevalent as in photography. I have a friend who is an experienced and talented electrician. Never in a million years would I expect him to push his years of schooling and the investment in the proper tools of the trade to the side to do something for free. I only bring this up because there are some times as a creative professional where a collaboration between creative individuals goes beyond a financial transaction.  


So spiel done I wanted to circle back to the idea of risk in photography. Over my experience as a photographer working with new people and posing them has always been a challenge and an opportunity for me. As I've expanded my portfolio I've strived to take risks by reaching out to strangers to work with. Hayla "mother green" was one such case where I saw someone looking to add to their portfolio and I decided to approach them.

Let me say that the images captured during this session were some of my favorites in a while. Hayla has natural talent and body posing allowing me to work on conceptual ideas with minimal adjustments to posing. We first shot a high key lighting situation which was gorgeous but I wanted to pull a darker mood from my subject. We switched gears to a low key setup and with a change in wardrobe, magic started to happen. 

As we worked through the session the mood and lighting helped to tell a story of a beacon standing against the abyss. Overall I loved all of the captures from this session and can't wait to work with mother green again in the future. So to wrap up I believe that every risk has a reward if you just reach for it.

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