Hollywood glamour

As the first term of second year winds to a close I have a lot of catching up to do with my blog. In my efforts to catch up to speed I want to share a number of images that were taken using glamour style lighting with the use of tungsten or hot lights. 

The technique of using hot lights gives a modern photographer a greater appreciation of the modern usage of studio lights and speed lights. There is less control in terms of power due to the continuous nature of the light.

I asked a good friend to model for me and had her plan for a golden age of Hollywood style shoot. The nature of the lights dictated that I operate in looser mode then I'm usually in. This space actually allowed me to relax in terms of technique and work from my instinct. It was an interesting experience and I hope that you like the resulting images below. 

One of the images gave me an idea and I attempted a technique which I have been practicing lately in order to learn more about alternative processing of digital images. I applied the steps that I had practiced And the resulting image is below. This style of processing gives a similar feel as the tintypes of olden days. 

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