The household robot Part 1

For our last studio project we were given the assignment of shooting a scene including ourselves. The catch was then that we needed to create a robot to help us out with whatever task we were doing in the background scene.

With the return of The beautiful Weather I was finally able to carve out some time to participate in one of my favorite activities apart from shooting, that of mountain biking on the south shore. Taking this as inspiration I chose to create an image depicting an invention that every at home bike mechanic could use. My invention is the wrench procurement robot, good for handing the tool you need when you just need that extra hand. 

I shot the background plate with my bike and myself in the environment with the idea of shooting the pieces of the robot in the studio. The framework of the robot is shown in an early configuration below. 

The robot begins to take shape. 

The robot begins to take shape. 

Now that all of the pieces are shot, the next step is to composite all of the pieces and then build the robot and place it into the scene to create a finished shot.  I will update as the robot build progresses and showcase the finished product. Stay tuned for more updates and have a great day!