The household robot part 2

As promised before,  I have finished the household robot project and I'm currently talking with irobot to get a consumer model constructed so I can roll these out in time for the holidays. 


There are many times when you think, if I just had another arm life would be so much easier. So then you decide that two extra arms would be even better and then from there an idea for a mechanical assistant is born. As the construction began to take shape it seemed to get to be a larger and larger project. That's what ended up happening to my files as I began to work on them as well.


I started with a tiff file and as I added layers and groups I got to a point at 2 gigabytes that the file just wouldn't save not matter what I did to appease the photoshop gods. I then switched to a psd file sure that I wouldn't hit any limits on file size. Sure enough as I hit 4gigabytes I was again chastised by photoshop. I was then allowed to save finally when I promised Adobe my first born and jumped up to the newer file type of psb.


After handling the largest file I've ever created so far I find myself with a finished product albeit a massive one. This assignment was a great lesson in handling large photoshop files with layers upon layers of detail. Shown below is the first version of the bike mechanic 3000 or as I call him "Hal." Please take a look and feel free to leave me comments below. Thanks!

The Hal 3000 in beta testing. 

The Hal 3000 in beta testing.