The panAFRICAproject: an interview with Lou Jones

As I wrap up my first year at Nesop I was given the final assignment of creating a promo video for my storytelling with multimedia. At first I struggled with an idea of what to work on.


It was through chance that I had noticed that a friend of mine was recently in Africa shooting on assignment for another photographer.  I initially reached out to him to see if he was interested in being interviewed about the trip. He then explained that the trip was part of a larger project.


It was then that I was put into contact with Lou Jones and educated on the panAFRICAproject's mission and the goal of using kickstarter to fund the project going forward. From talking with Lou I was excited to have the chance to create a promo video highlighting the creation of their kickstarter campaign. 


Today I was able to shoot B roll for a planning meeting focused on getting the campaign going. I was given access to see some of the equipment and prints that Lou has used over his lengthy career. As a photographer this was an amazing experience to have a Nikon legend let me see behind the curtain.  


As my promo takes shape I will be shooting an interview portion with Lou tomorrow. I hope to have the promo video edited and up on my website by next weekend. Please stay tuned for more to come. If you're interested in Lou jones work please visit & to learn more about the panAFRICAproject please visit thanks and please share to help this project get the finding it deserves. 

The kickstarter planning meeting

The kickstarter planning meeting