Summit of Mt. Liberty

Over the last couple of months I haven't had a lot of time to catch up on my blog posts. I completed a summer course on photoshop, got married, and went on a honeymoon. At the end of the this whirlwind of activity I celebrated my birthday.  Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to try to catch up by working backwards. I'm going to start with my hike up to the summit of Mt. Liberty in celebration of my birthday.

The celebration of my birthday is a day of mixed emotions. Over four years ago my mother Christine Pietroski lost her battle to cancer the day before my 29th birthday. As such my birthday is always complicated. The following years I would attempt to start a new tradition to reclaim this event. The first year after her passing I would hike mt. Washington with a dear friend. The next year I would hike a mountain in Hedeliberg, Germany with my now wife. 

This year was a bit different then most. This year I had just returned from Tulum Mexico from my honeymoon with my wife Genevieve. I wasn't able to hike on the day of my birthday due to weather complications, which let up the next day.

I woke up early, packed my backpack and grabbed my camera. My plan was to summit and return home in one day. Once I got to the base of the mountain it was close to 9:00am. As I hiked I was constantly looking for a place to set up my tripod topractice composite landscapes. 

After I reached the summit I again set up my tripod and created a 360 panorama. I tried to choose the best vantage point the result is below. This was taken on the ridge line leading to the rocky outcrop on the right which is the summit. 

As I reached the summit after a brief rain shower I was greeted by the beauty that is Franconia notch.  Over the course of my hike and as I surveyed the notch laid out below me I felt a sense of peace. As I hiked I had thought about my mother but the closer I got to the summit the more it became about the moment. This year with all of the good things happening in my life I was able to have a different perspective. This was different then most years as I didn't just hike for my mother but I hiked for myself.

Please like share and comment if you liked this post. I'm going to continue to catch up on my blog by working backwards in the next couple of weeks. Next up is our honeymoon to Tulum, Mexico. Please stay tuned for more.