My first commercial project

In the tail end of September I had the pleasure to sercure my first advertising job. The job was to shoot various products for a local chocolate company. They were revamping their website and needed new images to add to the new site. 

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Over the course of this project I would learn a lot of valuable lessons in managing customer expectations and want it takes to do product photography. I'm very thankful that my client was a pleasure to work with as I readjusted to meeting her expectations. The biggest lesson I learned was the importance of the first meeting and maintaining dialogue throughout the project. As I shot for the project I diverged from the clients vision and had to redo a number of shots.  

This was an important mistake that I made and a lesson that I will try to remember with each client going forward. As a photographer my job is to deliver on the clients vision and in this trust I faltered. Again I'm thankful that I was able to work through this with my client and once I realized my error I got back to work.  


Going forward I was able to simplify the imagery and get back in line with the clients vision and expectations. From there I was able to quickly turn around and re shoot all the necessary items. As one of my teachers explained to us, as creative professional our job is not to think outside the box but to push against the boundaries of a specific box. As an aspiring commercial photographer it was important to remember that the box is defined by the client, not the photographer.


Overall this was a great experience, because of and defined, by the mistakes I made and the corrections I undertook to satisfy my clients expectations. At the end of the day I'm glad I screwed up because it humbled me and showed me the importance of communication with my clients going forward.  

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