New year new Revelations

Over the course of the last term I was able to push my work further then I could have ever imagined from where I began last year. It's crazy to begin to imagine that I've been pursuing my dreams full time over the last year and a half. It feels like a lifetime ago that I was wasting away in a career I didn't want.   Photography for me was always a means to unwind and flex my creative muscles. Now that I'm working at it full time I find that I'm tired but happy. 

Passion pursued is purity of purpose personified. Without the support of my fiends and family this path would have been closed to me forever. As the holidays approached I was reminded of the strength of family through events of love and loss. 


With the new year upon me I was able to create images to show my sensibility and my sense of reflection upon all that I have been honored to receive. Photography is a means of mirroring the outside to an internal idea or emotion. Reflections in nature act the same way by showing an imperfect distorted image on a malleable surface. It is my hope and desire in this new year to increase the clarity of my vision as transcribed in my photos. Thanks for reading and please remember to like, comment & share.