New Project

What makes an athlete? as described in the dictionary an Athlete is; a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise. In the modern American mindset an athlete is a member of a team or participates in an organized sport with points & flags, winners & losers; but what about the lone athletes all around us. In the woods and waters around us a revolution is brewing.

The threat of a silent spring has led to a cacophony of silent protest. A revolution of the outdoor athlete is coming, a time where a kayak or bike is mode of transportation back to basics.  A pair of shoes is a crucible to overcome the threat of entrophy. Over the hills and through the streams people are heading back to nature. 

These people walk amongst us dreaming of the trails and rivers. They train and hone their skills, prepare their packs and racks waiting for time away.  

Over the course of the next twenty weeks I will work on creating a body of work highlighting these athletes among us. My goal is to provide a look at these incredible people in their native habitat.