Kenmore fashion shoot

Do ever have a moment of clarity where everything comes into focus and all your hard work pays off? This past Saturday I had a moment of extreme pride and confidence in my work and experiences up to this point.


For the final shoot of our fashion class we were responsible for shooting to a client based concept through the lenses of our personal style. Through working with a partner we discussed a game plan for sercuring models and wardrobe. 


As a creative person I run through a number of concepts by reviewing previous work and other imagery which inspires me. With the help of my partner we were able to pull together a large body of images to draw from. From there it was about sercuring models that find the roles and getting wardrobe that would support the ideas.  


Over the course of the week we were able to successfully pull together all of the pieces. And then it happened... The dreaded last minute email from a model with a scheduling conflict. One thing that I've learned over my life is to roll with the punches. Stuff happens and getting bent out of shape or dwelling on it forces you into a cycle of what ifs. Now I'm too proud to admit that I fell into this cycle many times over the course of my life.  


With th the passing of my mother from cancer I determined never again to live in a manner of self doubt. Her influence above all drives me ever forward now. So I promptly freaked out and panicked for about 5 mintues and then got back to work.  


I was able to secure a plan B by reaching out to the talented Alexia who has proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt her reliability and passion for what she does. It's rare to connect with someone who loves the creative process and is as adaptable as she has been. She changed her plans around to help us out within an hour and we were back on track.


Fast forward to the day of the shoot and thanks to the equally talented Laura who provided our hair and makeup, we were almost ready to roll out into kenmore square to begin to shoot. And then it happened... Our male model got a nosebleed that wouldn't quit. Again I freaked out for 5 mins and then proceeded to express to him that his health was more important then a couple images. 


So the concept for our shoot changed without changing overly much. I'm glad that this happened to me and I'm glad it happened now. It taught me a valuable lesson about always having a plan B and also being able to adapt and overcome any challenges that I encounter. 



Overall I think this has been by far my favorite and best work to date due to the amount of conceptualizing and planning that I put into this shoot. Once I got into a rhythm I was seeing image after image that I would love to have in my portfolio. Again the work of Alexia and the talented Laura were such vital and cruicial parts of making hear images what they are. Please like, share and comment and let me know if I'm on the right track! Thanks!