Outdoor athletes

Over the course of term 2 in my second year at Nesop I participated in one of the hardest classes that I've had to date, editorial. The framework of the class mimics the real world in terms of pitching an idea for a story or project and then revising/reviewing the work in class. 


The teacher acts as an editor of a magazine would and judges work based on the proposed story and the usage of narrative elements to build the dialogue between the reader and the photographs. 


I pitched my idea for a portrait project on outdoor recreation athletes to help flesh out my portfolio from where I end up last term. The focus of my project was still on the everyday people we encounter and perspection we have veaes their passions.


This time around I focused on regular people that participate and are passionate about extreme sports or work outs. I found that the only problem I had with the project was that due to their nature a number of these folks wanted me to include myself in their activities. Knowing this community as I do I should have expected this helpful inclusive nature. I struggled as a photographer to distant myself from the activities as these are my people. 










Overall I feel like this project enabled me to really hone my approach and my attitude to pushing past obstacles and transform them into opportunities. Without further ado here is the project in its entirety. Please like, share & comment. Thanks!