Fall Fitness

With a chill in the air in the begining of December I met with Chris to continue working on my fitness imagery. We found the perfect location here in Providence. During the summer months this area is home to area's local farmer's market. 

Over the course of the shoot Chris displayed his talent and stamina when I had him run laps multiple times in order to get the perfect shots. Please take a look at the images and let me know what you think. Best! 


Steer Films Shark Week shoot

A couple months ago I had the pleasure of meeting the crew at Steer Digital Media. They are a full service Digital Agency based here in Providence, RI. They were looking to promote their upcoming feature for Shark Week on Discovery Channel. The film Shark Vortex aired on July 24th with the beginning of Shark Week.

So earlier this month I was able to create a number of portraits and a group shot to promote their projects. The theme of the shoot was to showcase the grittiness and attitude of the crew. I have to applaud the crew of Steer in their dedication to their projects as they want their work to stand on its own as a collaboration. The premise of the shoot was to show the gear and crew utilizing their special shark themed Buffwears. For the crew the anonymity by the Buffwear takes them out of the chemistry allowing the focus to be on the work. As a fellow creative I admire this outlook as it allows for the subjects to be the stars and not the crew. 

I shared these on social media to help with the promotion of the film and wanted to share the images in high resoultoion for your enjoyment. 

Steer Films Group shot

The Devil's Twins

I had the pleasure of working with the Devil's Twins before their show in Salem at Opus a few weeks back. I was able to make a few portraits of them and then proceeded to photograph the show. It was a good example of using the Photographer skill-set when working in a n location with a limited amount of time with your subjects. I'm very happy with the results and let me know what you think. Best!

Editorial project

Over the past couple of weeks and months I've had the pleasure of photographing passionate people participating in activities that drive them. I've been photographing tattoo artists, vintage muscle car restoration specialist, climbers, mountain bikers, kayaker, surfer, blacksmith, boxer, & Fire dancer. I've come into contact with so many stories and the people that tell them. It's been a. Ever evolving photographic journey and it gets better and better. Please enjoy these images from the final portfolio. Thanks and please like, comment & share if you have any requests for careers you want to see in the future. Thanks and have a great day!