Cold shoot Day

So with the approach of the new year I purchased a new camera body to expand my capability for the new year. With the new camera in hand I reached out to one of my favorite models to work with here in Providence, Amy. Amy and I have worked together a number of times since I moved to Rhode Island. I like to try different shoots with someone that I've shot before. It puts the onerous on creating different and unique images from those captured previously. 


As a creative this challenge allows me to work within a box. Most times people say that you should think outside the box. As a creative this speaks to me however with one caveat. As a professional dealing with clients and their expectations there box is firm. If I were to create something totally different then the expectations I would fail my clients. The box is there for a reason and learning how to push at the edges of the box is where a creative professional needs to put their priority. This concept isn't new or even mine. One of the most influential teachers I had explained this concept to me and it's stuck with me ever since. 

So in the bitter cold Amy and I met up to shoot with the new camera body. Overall it was a success because I was able to push my boundaries and fail. Failing is the only way we learn and with this shoot I had some success along with some failure. Understanding the limitations of my gear allowed me to adapt my shooting to deal with the differences in gear. Overall I love these images and how I was able to challenge myself with two different boxes, one creative and the other technical. 

Thanks and let me know what you think of the images! Best! Jason