Editorial project

Over the past couple of weeks and months I've had the pleasure of photographing passionate people participating in activities that drive them. I've been photographing tattoo artists, vintage muscle car restoration specialist, climbers, mountain bikers, kayaker, surfer, blacksmith, boxer, & Fire dancer. I've come into contact with so many stories and the people that tell them. It's been a. Ever evolving photographic journey and it gets better and better. Please enjoy these images from the final portfolio. Thanks and please like, comment & share if you have any requests for careers you want to see in the future. Thanks and have a great day! 

Advertising images

Over the last couple of weeks I've been focusing on building my advertising Portfolio to better reflect my creativity in shooting outdoor products. Overall I feel like my postproduction work on the images has really hit its stride and has a distinct style and feeling to it. Please check out my latest images below and let me know what you think. Thanks and please like, comment and share. Thanks and have a great day! 

Advertising Final

Good Afternoon all, Again in keeping with yesterday's post I am letting the work speak for itself. Please let me know any comments or critiques. Pay special attention to the captions below the photos for a special event. Thanks and please like, comment & share!

Salomon Speedcross

Old fashion Jack Daniels

Sushi for one

A moment's pause

Love your Body

Get The Gear

Necklace 1

Zero horizon

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Portraiture Final

Good Evening in the interest of keeping these posts up to date I'm going to provide a brief overview and let the pictures do the talking. Over the last ten weeks I've found that my passion and technique for shooting people has grown hand in hand. With week ten now behind me I'm proud to introduce my best work of the last term. Please let me know what you like and more important what you don't. Please pay attention to the captions as they may play a part in a special event coming soon. With that being said, hold on and enjoy the show.

The Dude Abides gone vogue

Pools of meaning

A moment's rest

Thoughts in the abyss

Sub Aqueous  1

Sub Aqueous 2

Amidst the leaves of gold and green 1

Amidst the leaves of gold and green 2

Amidst the leaves of Gold and Green 3

Neon Dreams

Bodyscapes 1

Bodyscapes 2

Bodyscapes 3

Self Portrait 1

Hollywood Glam 1

Hollywood Glam 2

Living down below

Living down below 2

Dreams of memory past

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The household robot Part 1

For our last studio project we were given the assignment of shooting a scene including ourselves. The catch was then that we needed to create a robot to help us out with whatever task we were doing in the background scene.

With the return of The beautiful Weather I was finally able to carve out some time to participate in one of my favorite activities apart from shooting, that of mountain biking on the south shore. Taking this as inspiration I chose to create an image depicting an invention that every at home bike mechanic could use. My invention is the wrench procurement robot, good for handing the tool you need when you just need that extra hand. 

I shot the background plate with my bike and myself in the environment with the idea of shooting the pieces of the robot in the studio. The framework of the robot is shown in an early configuration below. 

The robot begins to take shape. 

The robot begins to take shape. 

Now that all of the pieces are shot, the next step is to composite all of the pieces and then build the robot and place it into the scene to create a finished shot.  I will update as the robot build progresses and showcase the finished product. Stay tuned for more updates and have a great day!

Biomechanics and the future.

Initial proof of concept  

Initial proof of concept  

The assignment was to shoot and composite an editorial concept using the skills and the studio lights we have developed. I choose to do a what-if advertisement for a future apple product placement based on the rise of wearable technologies. I created a rough proof of concept image using an existing image and gave it the blacked out look from the earlier days of the iPod. This rough edit can be found below. 

In order to successfully complete this concept I needed to picture the completed shot in my head and work backwards. Once I had the idea I then went about gathering any prop pieces for use in Photoshop. I went to a thrift store and grabbed a VCR and a DVD burner. After some careful application of a screwdriver and a hammer I was able to free a couple of the key components. A couple of transistors and circuit boards later and I had the pieces I needed for illustrating the concept.



In the studio I matched lighting and set up my models to serve as the foundation of the image. Using a grid and soft box to create fill and hair lighting and I had all of the pieces that I needed. I was able to pull together the pieces together into the image I had in mind. Below is an earlier edit of the final composition.

Mid proccess draft

Mid proccess draft

Then the final part was the compositing of the pieces into a coherent and well executed final product. With the male model I was able to line up of the components with an actual plate in his shoulder. Found below is the final image with the standard font used with iPod ads of the early 2000s.  I decided against using the blacked out idea from earlier in order to show a more surreal take on typical shots featuring athletes. Overall I'm happy with the overall idea and execution and may pursue this as a series going forward. Please let me know what you think by commenting or sharing this blog. Please subscribe to my website for updates. Thanks!

2025 the iPerson

2025 the iPerson