Advertising Final

Good Afternoon all, Again in keeping with yesterday's post I am letting the work speak for itself. Please let me know any comments or critiques. Pay special attention to the captions below the photos for a special event. Thanks and please like, comment & share!

Salomon Speedcross

Old fashion Jack Daniels

Sushi for one

A moment's pause

Love your Body

Get The Gear

Necklace 1

Zero horizon

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Portraiture Final

Good Evening in the interest of keeping these posts up to date I'm going to provide a brief overview and let the pictures do the talking. Over the last ten weeks I've found that my passion and technique for shooting people has grown hand in hand. With week ten now behind me I'm proud to introduce my best work of the last term. Please let me know what you like and more important what you don't. Please pay attention to the captions as they may play a part in a special event coming soon. With that being said, hold on and enjoy the show.

The Dude Abides gone vogue

Pools of meaning

A moment's rest

Thoughts in the abyss

Sub Aqueous  1

Sub Aqueous 2

Amidst the leaves of gold and green 1

Amidst the leaves of gold and green 2

Amidst the leaves of Gold and Green 3

Neon Dreams

Bodyscapes 1

Bodyscapes 2

Bodyscapes 3

Self Portrait 1

Hollywood Glam 1

Hollywood Glam 2

Living down below

Living down below 2

Dreams of memory past

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Hollywood glamour

As the first term of second year winds to a close I have a lot of catching up to do with my blog. In my efforts to catch up to speed I want to share a number of images that were taken using glamour style lighting with the use of tungsten or hot lights. 

The technique of using hot lights gives a modern photographer a greater appreciation of the modern usage of studio lights and speed lights. There is less control in terms of power due to the continuous nature of the light.

I asked a good friend to model for me and had her plan for a golden age of Hollywood style shoot. The nature of the lights dictated that I operate in looser mode then I'm usually in. This space actually allowed me to relax in terms of technique and work from my instinct. It was an interesting experience and I hope that you like the resulting images below. 

One of the images gave me an idea and I attempted a technique which I have been practicing lately in order to learn more about alternative processing of digital images. I applied the steps that I had practiced And the resulting image is below. This style of processing gives a similar feel as the tintypes of olden days. 

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