As a Photographer I’m drawn to topics that spark my interest. The strides that the LGBTQ have made in the last decades are remarkable.

Being a resident of Providence, I attended the Night time Pride Parade last year and was overwhelmed with the love and positivity surrounding the event. One year later as the month of #Pride approached I asked myself the question “How can I use my photography to help”?

I have always been a huge fan of the NYC photographer Joey L. His project on Halloween in Brooklyn has constantly been a source of inspiration for me. I channeled that projects ideals in the following series and I set out to the streets of Providence. I wandered the streets during one of the events celebrating #RhodeIsland Pride. I tried to approach people that sparked what I felt the evening represented.

And this is important to say…Everyone I approached was interested and supported my project. This is unheard of in my past experience of approaching people on the street. I was overwhelmed by the sheer optimism of this amazing community. The following series is a small representation of the individuals I was lucky to have photographed. They all had one thing in common, PRIDE!